At Northumberland Sporting Clays all our traps are Promatic automatic traps with both hard wire and radio controlled release mechanisms. They are portable and all sited on their own trolleys therefore offering a reliable and varied range of targets when required.

We shoot only sporting clays as our name implies, all targets conforming with and shooting conducted under, English Sporting Rules.
The targets are set by our shoot manager who has over 30 years experience in the world of clay target shooting, in organising and running events, taking part in competition and of course instruction.

Shooting is by appointment only and care is taken to offer the novice suitable targets thereby building confidence, enhancing safety and ultimately deriving more enjoyment and pleasure from a satisfying sport.

We will teach you about safety, handling and shooting skills.

Format on the day (groups)
On arrival a general welcome and meeting with your instructors, followed by registration, which includes a health & safety briefing.
You will then be introduced to the shotgun, ammunition and handling procedures.
After being provided with the safety equipment that is required you will be shown the traps and targets.
Normally we offer 3 different types of targets from 3 separate shooting stands. There will only be one shooter on a stand together with their instructor so there is a close one to one level of instruction while shooting is taking place, thus ensuring the best type of input and club rules/safe handling procedures are always adhered to.

Individuals will shoot a number of ‘practice targets’ from each of 3 stands, after which there will be a break for tea/coffee etc followed by a mini competition shot amongst the group, over the 3 previous practice stands.
It normally takes approximately 2 -2½ hours for a group of 15 persons.
Remember however there is no rush we will progress at your pace, if it takes longer this does not matter, your safety and enjoyment are our main concern.