Weddings at Clennell Hall

Would you love to get married in a splendid, 800 year old country hall that is steeped in history, and situated in the Cheviot Hills in beautiful Northumberland?

Would you also love that country hall to be a family run, extremely friendly place, where that family and their staff will look after your every need on your special day?

Would you love to have a unique, fun, personal, exciting and truly memorable day, vastly different to the conventional expectations of a normal wedding? Would you also love to enjoy this unique and different wedding at reasonable cost?

Then why not consider one of our real and authentic Shotgun Weddings at the beautiful Clennell Hall, Alwinton, Northumberland NE65 7BG.

We at Northumberland Sporting Clays are a highly professional shooting school with fully qualified, professional shotgun coaches who are vastly experienced, have a sense of humour, and are dedicated to making your wedding day a memorable occasion.

What is a Shotgun Wedding?

The modern interpretation of a shotgun wedding has changed from that of the Oxford English dictionary over the years as attitudes have become far more relaxed. Once a hastily arranged wedding due to the pending arrival of a little one, nowadays, our Shotgun Weddings differ in that we actually use real, live, fully legal, over and under shotguns and, whilst shooting, live ammunition. They appeal to people looking for a wedding with a difference. A shotgun Wedding in Northumberland is safe, hugely exciting and fun and just think of the photos of your big day you will have to treasure!

Your big day. 

Your wedding day is a very special day which you will remember for the rest of your life.

After your wedding ceremony within Clennell Hall, the bride and groom, accompanied by your guests, will leave the Hall and walk through a celebratory two gun shotgun archway, usually involving the best man and his partner or a bridesmaid, giving a wonderful photographic opportunity. Everyone will then move to the shooting area, a short walk from the Hall. An interesting form of transport for the Bride and Groom can be arranged if required (tractor/quad) to add to the occasion and the smiles. 

The happy couple will then shoot some clay pigeons under the supervision and guidance of a fully qualified BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) shotgun coach. That coach will usually be our head coach who has a wealth of coaching and shooting experience over a lifetime. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy the spectacle too, and again, this will be another great photographic opportunity.

All equipment is provided and we have a selection of different calibre shotguns, enabling us to provide both the Bride and Groom with the right size shotgun for them which is essential to make sure you enjoy this exciting sport and hit some clays!

After the shooting and the inevitable applause, another wonderful photographic opportunity arises in the shooting area which will be suitably dressed up for the occasion. It is then back to the Hall for perhaps more photographs and your wedding reception.

The shooting can be tailored to suit all requirements and a shooting lesson can be laid on well before the wedding day so the Bride and Groom can experience what they will be doing on their big day to put them at ease. You will both be surprised at how good you can be under our expert coaching. If you plan to come to Clennell Hall to discuss your wedding plans and familiarise yourself with the place, that day would perhaps be the ideal opportunity to have a preliminary shooting lesson if you live outside Northumberland. We can also pick up at Newcastle Airport or at train stations nearby too if that day is not convenient for you. All of this at reasonable cost.

Clay pigeon shooting is a safe, exciting, challenging and fun sport for men, women, and youngsters, and is growing rapidly in popularity.

If all this appeals to you, why not also consider having your Stag and/or Hen party with us at Clennell Hall and let your wedding guests also enjoy the wonderful sport of clay pigeon shooting. Everything is there at Clennell Hall for you to enjoy such an occasion, accommodation, food and a bar. Live music can easily be arranged, it is a regular feature at Clennell and extremely popular too. All at reasonable cost.

Elopment Weddings.

Don’t want all the fuss or cost of a normal wedding? Why not have an elopment shotgun wedding accompanied with the sound of shotguns and some shooting after your ceremony, giving you a great photographic opportunity to remember your big day. 

Not everyone wants a big fuss, if it’s just the happy couple or with a handful of friends, family etc, we can accommodate you, and if it’s just you and the kids perhaps, they can enjoy some shooting too, depending on age and stature, we have shotguns that fit all from the age of around 9 or so. From age 6 they can join in the fun with junior size air rifles, all under expert supervision of course, but a day they will never forget too! All at reasonable cost so you can enjoy an affordable wedding.

Looking for wedding ideas?

If the idea of a unique wedding with a difference appeals and you have any questions about the shooting side of a Shotgun Wedding or an Elopement Shotgun Wedding, please contact us either by email at or telephone us on 01670 774380.

For all wedding enquiries, please contact Clennell Hall on 01669 650377 or at